Our Mission

The studio is also a registered Cultural Association fully acknowledged by the Florentine government.  Our charter states that Body Language is accredited to teach Pilates and Yoga and to sponsor off site events to stimulate community awareness of the two disciplines.  The charter also provides that Body Language is a teacher training center in both disciplines.  There is a required yearly membership fee of €10 for registration in a government-sponsored liability insurance policy. 

Body Language Pilates & Yoga Studio has been offering these two disciplines in English since its opening.  As our studio community has grown, so has its involvement in the local and ex-pat communities. Inevitably it has evolved into an informal network of English speakers that includes adults on a living abroad experience, students studying abroad, their teachers and other interested resident professionals.  Our Italian members have the unique experience of using Pilates or Yoga movements as an application for honing their verbal and audio English skills and for casual conversation with native tongue English speakers.

"Attention to form and level-specific Pilates and Yoga instruction have always been two essential standards I insist upon The focus of my original studio in the States and now in Florence, is always on the body in front of me.  I train my teachers to adhere to these principles and everyone walks away from classes feeling empowered, eager to progress and poised for great results.”     -Dennis Clark, owner and lead instructor 

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